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We are Investinrooms, we have been providing investment opportunities since 2012.

An investment is a way of putting money away, with the hope that the amount will increase over time. For most people, investments are made in the stock market (buying shares in companies) but some of the other most common investments include:  investment funds, property (commercial or residential), units trusts or OEICs, government bonds (gilts)  & corporate bonds.

Investing is more risky than saving. With savings, you have the security of earning steady returns through interest payments but with investments, you take a risk on whether you make a profit or loss. A person should only invest if they are prepared to take the risk that their investments could go down, as well as up, in value.

A hotel room investment can give you a regular  income together with an exit strategy that can deliver a quarterly sum and a lump sum when you decide to sell up. As an investor you can enjoy the regular, rental income along with the lump-sum profit on exit without having to do any work at all – these are truly hands-free investments. Sit back and collect your assured returns as everything is fully-managed on your behalf.

Not normally.  In order to receive an investment return the room/unit is rented out by the management agents of the property you are purchasing into.

Normally these are cash purchase investments, however we do offer some investments for those people who would need to have a loan.  Call us for more details.

In terms of high annual yield, a hotel/student/care home room can give you great returns on your savings compared to other investments or assets. In comparison to other types of property investment, when you invest in a hotel/student/care home room it will offer higher returns despite the lower entry requirement.

The best investment for an individual depends on their personal finances and circumstances. 

No. We are not regulated to give you advice on whether investing is right for you. If you’re unsure, you should always seek the advice of an independent financial adviser (IFA).

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