It was back in 2012 with our sister company Millbak Wealth, who were SIPP compliant, dealing in Loan Notes & Bonds for HNW’s with funds allocated from pension funds, that we decided we wanted to offer investment property opportunities, based on Buy2Lets directly to investors. Investinrooms was born.

In this way clients could own a property on a long lease, registered at land registry and handled by a regulated solicitor acting on behalf of the investor.

Over the last 8 years we have added Hotels and Student Accommodation to the Investinrooms portfolio. These have proven very popular with investors and are deemed to be commercial property and so are taxed very differently from buying an apartment or flatIn the vast majority of cases income is tax free.

Income from this type of Investment is normally between 8% – 10% per year, net, with mostly no deduction for management fees, service or utility bills.

The whole emphasis of the business was based upon decreasing returns from banks and building societies.

The process generally includes two set of solicitors provided for the sales and purchase process. As a result the compliance process is as good as can be provided. Occasionally for further clarification  Barristers are consulted.

All transactions are conducted through UK solicitors. Leases are issued to investors and buy back agreements / options form part of the legal sales contract.

How can an investor receive a return that benefits them? We ALL know property is the key.  But buying a house, renovating, dealing with builders, architects, planners and then tenants can all be a nightmare.

Will the house go up in value or could it go down? Do I need a mortgage and what about the legal costs and stamp duty? And what could you purchase for under, say £80,000, even if you could get the money.

But what if you can choose your level of investment and still get a good return. What if there is an exit strategy in place. What if your investment is secure? Talk to us at Investinrooms.

Please do talk to us about your needs and requirements.

Investinrooms property investments

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